What Does Success Mean To You?

Let's be real, why do we want to be successful and what does success mean to you? What is your definition of success? Does it make any difference how you measure success? Do you even need to worry about defining success? Does it make any difference how you measure it? Do you even need to worry about defining success?

Entrepreneur magazine recently conducted a survey among entrepreneurs and the survey asked them to describe what success meant to them personally. Their responses fell into four different categories. In the first group, success meant owning material possessions, such as houses, cars, or airplanes. The second group defined success as experiencing particular feelings. For instance, they might strive to feel satisfied or happy. The third group saw success as achieving goals. To them, success was a process of getting from one point to the next. They set goals, achieved them, then sets new goals to achieve. The fourth group believed that success is related to their personal mission. They said each of us has some mission in life.

The differences between the four groups are easy to see. However, does it really matter? Experience suggests that the first three groups often run into serious problems. Material possessions never satisfy for long, feelings are nebulous, and even goals can become meaningless after a while. The people in group four seem to have a deeper foundation. Possessions, feelings, and goals all take on new meaning when measured by a life mission.

How you define success for yourself is very important. The survey said that defining success is the first step in achieving it. People who don't have a personal definition for success feel less successful and earn less money. They are also less satisfied with their careers and their lives in general. If you want to be successful you must first define what success means to you, but be wary some definitions will serve you better than others.

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