Face Your Fears!

I Did A Crazy Thing

So I did a crazy thing last week and I'm still reeling from what I did. I quit my job last week and I have to say it was such a crazy thing to do. Now, I want you all to know that I have another job waiting for me so I'm not that crazy but I still made a huge leap of faith and I bet on myself. I realized that I have value that may not work for one company but will be celebrated and appreciated at another company. I have to admit that due to laziness, fear, uncertainty, and something called the golden handcuffs (It's where you make a good salary and you can't leave because you may not make that much money again at a new company). I have stayed in a job that no longer served me well and I finally gathered the courage to make a change for my future that has truly changed my life for the better.

Stuck In A Rut

I had been in my previous position for 7 and half years and I almost sat there to my eighth year anniversary. I had been turned down for a lead position on multiple teams across the company. I think the last straw was being passed over for a role that not only I deserved but I actually did the work and I had earned. I had led projects, created roadmaps, timelines, and strategies to show the leadership in my company that I was ready to take on more responsibilities but they weren't willing to promote me or pay me what I was worth. Going into that office day after day, week after week, year after year, was finally disrupted by a global pandemic. The pandemic shocked me into action to change my future because not only did I not want to die from this virus but I also didn't want to keep living this same existence that wasn't a full bodied YES. The pandemic really made me look at my life and really evaluate what makes me happy from my relationships, my family, and my job.

Living In Fear

It's funny how fear can stop you from interviewing for a new role, or asking for a pay raise, or making moves to find a job that not only will elevate your career but will also pay you what you're worth. That fear is a real thing and stopped me from trying to get a better job, ask for more money, and even starting my online business. Fear has stopped so much in my life and I vowed after last year with the pandemic, I have to stop letting fear stop me from living my dreams. I encourage you to not let your fear stop you. Face the fears that are stopping your dreams. Take action and let your fears know that you are no longer going to let them stop you.

Be Unstoppable

I have learned on my journey so far that you need to show yourself some grace and don't be so hard on yourself. Start with the small things that you know that you can conquer so you can have some small wins at first and that should push you to face your fears while continuing to move forward with achieving your goals. Stop the negative self talk! Saying awful things to yourself will not help you in any way to conquer your fears, so don't do it! Some of the best things come from the things you fear the most. Get out there and make things happen! There's no limit to what you can accomplish if you push through and challenge yourself.

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