Can I build a passive income while working 40 hours a week

Everyone is looking for a way to make a passive income these days because we all know that there is probably not going to be a social security check waiting for anyone Generation X or younger. After this global pandemic literally brought the world to a halt the need to research this topic became more important to me than ever before. It was as if the universe jolted me to action. I needed to figure out a way to provide myself with a layer of financial security while still working to provide for my every day needs at my full time job. What a does a person even get started building a passive income?

Let's just say the one thing I am good at is research. I did my due diligence and read blogs, watched YouTube videos, live streams, webinars, and even fell into a black hole on TikTok. It was crazy that everyone on the internet was giving me so many options. I could wholesale real estate, start an Amazon drop-shipping business, day trading, cryptocurrency, and the list goes on and on. I must say that it was a bit overwhelming but I did start to find my way through all of the noise. Can I just tell you if I have to watch another YouTube video with some guy saying he made millions doing "whatever" while he's on a boat in Miami I WILL SCREAM!!

Why is that a thing? Do you really think I'm going to believe you sold some crazy awesome product that has made you a millionaire and if I follow you I will be on a random boat in Miami making cheesy videos too? Guess what, it's a NO for me! All I wanted to do was find a way to have some money to invest into my future and to be honest to invest into my present. I want to know how it feels to actually have extra money that will allow me to invest without worrying about interfering with my bills. I'm just a regular woman that wants to find a way to improve my current situation and hopefully my future.

So I have found my way and I'm excited to get started on this journey. I hope that you will join me with this project as I learn how to make a passive income while I'm working my full time job. Everyone dreams of turning that passive income into a full time income but let's keep it real that probably won't happen for a long time. I feel that if I stay disciplined and on task I will find the time to juggle my full time job while building passive income for myself. I just know that I'm not going to give up on making this happen for myself and I hope you join me as I traverse the landscape of making a passive income online. I know it's not going to be easy but I'm determined to be in charge of my future and help others do the same.

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