15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

What is the 15 day Business Builder Challenge?

Now that's a great question and that's exactly what I was trying to figure out when all of these people on TikTok kept talking about it. Their videos said if I wanted to start an online business I could learn how to do it by clicking their link in the bio. Which at that time I had no clue what they were talking about so I kept watching more videos. Then finally someone actually explained to me what the challenge is and BOOM I knew I had to try it. The 15 day Business Builder Challenge is an online training course that will show you about the 4 core business models, the value ladder, how to set up a sales funnel, high ticket affiliate marketing, high income level skills and there's so much more.

Why did I chose to take the 15 day Business Builder Challenge?

I have to admit that I have been wanting to start my business for a while but I was so unsure where and how to get started. I see people starting businesses and building something truly remarkable for themselves but I had no idea how to build a business of my own. I was lost! I didn't know if I could even start a business and how to go to get all of this figured out. I just knew that I wanted to get started and there had to be a place or service that could help guide me through the process of not only trying to figure out what I was passionate about but how to build a business around those passions. Then I started the 15 day business builder challenge and with the help from my business plan adviser, Kathy she allowed me to focus on the type of business I wanted to build and to make a plan of action to get started. Now I did my research and there are other programs out there but I couldn't get past the price of $7 to get started and I knew that this program had lots of social standing in the community which made this course the obvious winner.

When in the challenge did you start learning about building an online business?

Right from the first day of the challenge I was surprised to see that I was really going to learn about building my business. I couldn't believe that on the first day Dave Sharpe would reveal so much information about building an online business but he did and I started to focus on building my business. Dave Sharpe (the CEO of Legendary) does most of the training and he is a multi million dollar affiliate marketer that really knows how to build an online business from scratch. He explains the value ladder and how affiliate marketing is all around us through a variety of ads that you honestly didn't even know existed. From day 1 you are already getting so much information about sales funnels, opt in and bridge pages, the value ladder, and the basis of all marketing. It's just crazy that he is giving away all of this information for $7. The other part that is still helpful whenever you are doing any online training through Legendary Marketer you are able to go back and re-watch the training videos which has been a lifesaver.

How hard was it to implement this training into an online business?

Not hard at all. They give you all the help that you need and the community that Legendary Marketer has on Facebook and TikTok is amazing. I have never had anyone disregard me whenever I have reached out for help. The community is another perk of taking the challenge because everyone that I have come across have been so helpful and supportive. The community is an online family that wants to help you to build a successful business on online. Some of the bigger names in the community will give you their knowledge for free on TikTok and Facebook Live which is awesome. Also, if you follow the challenge and start setting up each individual part as you are learning it you should be able to build your foundation for your business as you do the challenge. All in all it was pretty easy to get set up.

Would I recommend the 15 day Business Builder Challenge?

The simple answer is YES. Now, I want to make sure I let you know that I am an affiliate for Legendary Marketer. The reason why I became an affiliate for Legendary Marketer is I couldn't imagine telling my story about building my business without telling you about Legendary. Whenever you come across a product or service that has genuinely changed your life how can you not tell people about it. This program allowed me the opportunity to finally build a business for myself and for my future that is all mine. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I was just so afraid and confused about the whole process. I didn't know where to start. This challenge allowed me to get a clear understanding about building an online business, helped set up my foundation, and allowed me to focus on getting my business up and running. I'm not sure I would be seeing so much success if I hadn't taken this $7 course.

Do you have any cons when it comes to the challenge?

Now there are always parts of a course that aren't your favorite and for me it was the Business Blueprints day. Mainly because I knew at the time I didn't have the extra money to invest into my business which was discouraging for me. I am an IT Recruiter and I make a base salary plus commission. Thanks to the pandemic our commissions were much lower than usual this year which means no extra money to invest into my business. I really wanted to be able to make that purchase but I couldn't afford the training but I did promise myself that training as soon as I earned enough money to re-invest in my business. I know that the Business Blueprints are exactly what it's called. It is a blueprint to building your business from beginning to end and the extra support you get with these blueprints is amazing. You get the blueprint for the each of the core 4 business models, the decade in a day training, a live training call weekly, and so much more. Trust and believe this will be a training I get next because I know it will benefit my business greatly.

Did I purchase any other training after the challenge?

I did join the Marketer's Club which is like Netflix for marketing training. I am able to watch videos on an array of topics from Facebook ads, email marketing, copy writing, TikTok and Pinterest content, and the list goes on. It's been a lifesaver especially when I am working on something for my business that I can't remember how to do, and boom there's the training video. The Marketers Club has the saved the day on a few occasions. Legendary is very good at archiving their training materials and has built a large library for you to chose from. If for whatever reason you can't invest into the Business Blueprints, check out the Marketer's Club because it's a great alternative while you save to invest into yourself with the Business Blueprints.

I know that building a business is scary and there is a lot that is unknown when you first get started but the 15 day Business Builder Challenge will help you get guidance and focus on how to start your business. This challenge will hep you focus on the type of business you want to start and help you get your business up and running. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the challenge and I will do my best to answer your questions. Also check out my TikTok channel because I try to answer the most frequently asked questions there.

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